Tax Tips: What you need to know


Accounts aren’t worried about studying up President Donald Trump’s new 1,500-page tax reform bill just yet. 

That’s because those changes will be for your 2018 income tax filing season next year. 

When you typically look at your W-2 from your employer, you see a lot of numbers, but this year one set of numbers is extra important.  

As another layer of fraud protection, the IRS added verification codes to about 50 million W-2 forms in Box 9. 

Last year, just 2 million forms had the verification code. 

People with more deductions are typically those at risk for fraud.      

Even though this year you get two extra days to file, and taxes don’t have be filed until April 17 because of federal holidays, it’s still better to file early to avoid fraud but also to get your refund sooner.  

Also if you’d like to calculate your estimated tax return or how much you’ll have to pay, H&R Block has a free estimator. >> Click here to use the free estimator.

The site also has a Tax Reform Forecast feature that takes into account the changes President Trump made to the tax law and estimate your refund for next year.  

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