COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) has issued a ruling after reviewing the incident that occurred at the 45th Cannon Game on Friday.

In a follow-up to the statement made by CHSAA on Monday morning, Dalton Sprouse, the Director of Communications for Pueblo School District 60, said that CHSAA had reviewed multiple angles of the incident captured on video and issued a ruling in response.

CHSAA reversed the ruling on the field that Pueblo South was disqualified from the game, and said neither team was disqualified. The East Eagles remain the victors of the game despite this ruling.

In addition, CHSAA also issued a ruling that included “disciplinary action/game suspensions for student athletes from both schools,” said Sprouse. Two volunteer coaches from South High School were also suspended pending further disciplinary action.

“The evaluation of the situation is ongoing, and there is a possibility of suspensions from both schools as we continue to monitor the situation,” Sprouse added.

CHSAA officials noted that the incident was a “teaching and learning opportunity,” and the school district commended the coaches and athletes who acted responsibly and worked to de-escalate the situation.

“We are confident in the fact that we will move forward from this unfortunate incident as we work to restore the highest level of sportsmanship and mutual respect that honors the tradition our community has celebrated for more than four decades,” Sprouse said.