COLORADO SPRINGS- Multiple evacuations are in place across Colorado Springs for fires: one in the Stetson Hills area, the other north of downtown – both fueled main by wind and extremely dry conditions.

Strong wind gusts has been the main fuel of these fires along with how dry the ground and surface fuels are. Gusts in the 50-55 MPH range have been recorded across the Pikes Peak Region.

A High Wind Warning is in effect until 2 PM across El Paso county as strong gusts up to 60 MPH will be possible.

Not only is it the wind, but also very low dew points. Because of our weather pattern, there is limited moisture in the air. Dewpoints in the negative digits or lower across El Paso county. Typically dewpoints like this are recorded in January influenced by dry airmasses.

Dry conditions and low dewpoints are expected to continue through the rest of the day. Although wind is expected to pull back later this afternoon after 3 PM and into the evening.

With continued high fire danger please be cautious and avoid any activity that could spark a fire.

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