(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Four street sweepers that were named by the community in a naming contest last year will launch on Wednesday, Sept. 13 with their winning names and corresponding artwork emblazoned on them.

The four new sweepers were part of the Keep It Clean COS Sweep 16 contest in 2022, in which the community submitted witty, fun, or whimsical names for the sweepers. 16 names were whittled down to four through a voting bracket, and the winning names were: Bruce Springsclean, Sweepy McSweepface, Dirt Reynolds, and Kevin.

The Keep It Clean COS campaign encourages the Colorado Springs community to keep our city beautiful by keeping their neighborhoods clean and encouraging others to do the same.

The street sweepers will deploy with their community-chosen names, along with artwork on each vehicle, on Wednesday morning at a ceremonial launch event hosted by the city.