May 7, 2019 is a day that will forever stay with Joshua Jones. He was getting ready to graduate from STEM School Highlands Ranch when his British Literature class took a turn. 

“The shooter came in, he retrieved the gun from where he was carrying it, he brought it up and said ‘nobody move,” according to Joshua.  

Joshua took action along with Brendan Bialy and Kendrick Castillo, all three rushing toward one of the suspects involved in the school shooting.

“I pulled him to the ground, Brendan got the gun out of him, Kendrick shoved him against the wall first off,” said Joshua. 

The 18-year-old was shot twice in the leg, and called his mother moments later. 

“Josh was very calm when he called me, he said ‘mom, this has happened, I’ve been involved in a school shooting, I was shot a couple of times in the leg, but I’m OK.’ And my first concern obviously was ‘Josh, are you bleeding?’ And he said ‘just a little,” said Lorie Jones, Joshua’s mother. 

Joshua says he doesn’t regret the decision he and his classmates made that day. 

“They always said get away, escape from the shooter, and wait for the authorities to arrive. But at that moment, I just did what was best for me and I am sure everyone else in the room did the same thing,” said Joshua.

Joshua says he plans to study to be an EMT upon graduation.