“Stay off the roads” plead plow crews as storm bears down


COLORADO SPRINGS — A record-breaking warm weekend will cause chaotic commutes across the Pikes Peak region from Monday night into Tuesday, according to the public works crew for the City of Colorado Springs.

Ground-level surfaces heated over the weekend are likely to cause melting of early snow accumulations, followed by “flash freezing,” according to Colorado Springs Public Works Division manager Corey Farkas.

“All our roads freeze simultaneously across town,” Farkas said. “When everything freezes at one time, we obviously can’t be everywhere at once, so when we ask people to stay home and try to stay off the roads, number one, it is for safety. Number two, it’s to allow our folks to do their jobs as efficiently as they can.”

The forecast calls for the heaviest snow to begin Monday evening, sustaining through the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Farkas said this is going to complicate rush hour commutes over the next couple of days.

The priorities, per usual, are the primary roadways—with the goal of keeping at least one lane on those roadways clear.

Farkas said the majority of schools are on secondary roads and will be addressed as soon as his crews can get to them.

“This could be one of those storms, with the timing, that we could expect at least a delay [Tuesday] if not possibly a snow day,” Farkas said.

With sunshine expected to be limited until at least Wednesday, don’t expect roadways worry to melt quickly away.

For a two or three day storm, it can take the city’s crews four or five days to fully catch up on secondary and neighborhood roads.

“What we’ve learned is we really can’t beat Mother Nature until she decides to pull back,” Farkas said. “That’s when we really start making up time and cleaning up the roadways.”

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