(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In response to a stop-work order on the Wilson water tank near the Rockrimmon area, Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) said it has now filed an appeal.

The Notice of Violation and Order to Abate Work was filed on Aug. 30 by City Planning, following outrage and disappointment from neighbors over the size of the water tank and lack of communication regarding design plans.

The appeal, filed Sept. 7, outlines the process Springs Utilities followed to obtain a building permit for a 60-foot water tank at 6560 Alabaster Way. The permit was issued in May, Springs Utilities said.

Since the stop-work order was received, Springs Utilities said construction on the tank has been halted and the construction contractor has been limited to site clean-up work. Under City Code, a perfected appeal operates as a stay of the stop-work order. Springs Utilities will continue work on the tank as permitted while the appeal is pending.

“When Springs Utilities became aware that the height of the Wilson water tank under construction was not in compliance with its approved development plan, it contacted the City and was informed that an amendment to its development plan was required. The amendment was filed on July 18, 2023, and that amendment is going through the City’s planning process,” Springs Utilities said.

Construction on the unapproved design did not stop while the amendment to the design awaited approval, which is what originally sparked pushback from neighbors.

“Considerable investment has already been made in constructing the tank — work that has been conducted under a valid building permit and in compliance with the City’s direction to file an amendment to the project’s development plan,” Springs Utilities said in a press release. “Springs Utilities feels it is in the best interest of its customers to avoid costly delays and complete construction.”