COLORADO SPRINGS — 340 men and women sought shelter at the Springs Rescue Mission during Saturday night’s spring snowstorm. According to Chief Development Officer Travis Williams, the shelter usually expects up to 300 people a night.

“Individuals can find services they need from meals to showers, laundry services, and case management,” Williams said.

The shelter has 450 beds available for anyone in need of a safe place of rest away from the elements. Williams said individuals can stay for just the evening or however long they need before going back out into the community.

“We will never turn anyone away,” Williams added. “If someone is needing services there is always a place for you at the Springs Rescue Mission. We care for people so deeply and we desire for people to be in a… warm, safe, and dry environment rather than face the elements isolated and alone on the streets.”

Springs Rescue Mission is a community-supported charity that provides services from 25 different agencies. Programs offered at the shelter include mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and employment services for those in need. About 20 individuals are able to re-enter back into the community with stable health, housing, and employment, according to Williams.

“People have unique needs and we try to meet people exactly where they are at and provide the right services to help them move forward towards the life they ultimately desire,” said Williams.