(SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo.) — Over the weekend the Security-Widefield area was blanketed in snow, leaving residents both surprised and excited for the first significant snowfall of the season. While many in the area aren’t strangers to snow, the quantity that fell caught some off guard.

Just days before the big snowstorm, residents were still donning shorts and enjoying a balmy 70-degree weather.

“I was sweating, I was sweating just a few days ago,” said Matthew Barnett as he ironically got hit with a snowball thrown by his son-in-law while saying it, “I knew that was going to happen” he laughed.

But those summer-like days are now a distant memory, as the Security-Widefield area received 10-14 inches of snow throughout the weekend. Brittany Kennedy, the mother of two-year-old Milo, was excited to introduce her son to his first taste of snow.

“Our two-year-old is experiencing his first-ever snow. Letting him sled and make little snowballs for the first time… It’s just cute to see him all wrapped with his chunky cheeks sticking out,” she said with a laugh.

The Kennedy family recently moved to the area, and even though it’s Milo’s first encounter with snow, he wasted no time throwing snowballs left and right, seemingly taking after his dad.

Whether it’s your first snow or your hundredth, Pop-Pop (Matthew Barnett) believes you’re never too old to grab a sled. Barnett felt thankful to be a part of his grandson’s first snow.

“It’s the most joy I’ve ever expected in life, being here with family,” he shared while sledding down the hill more times than Milo did.

Meanwhile, others in the neighborhood were already feeling “snow-ver” it. Elmer Mainar, a Security-Widefield resident for nearly 30 years, expressed his surprise at the amount of snowfall.

“So, this one is unusual for today. For the first snow in Security… I’ve got a lot of space to shovel because I’ve got the corner house,” Mainar mentioned. He spent over an hour shoveling and, at 71 years old, considered it a good exercise.

Across the street, Devon Walks and his little brother James Adams were busy shoveling their grandmother’s driveway.

“I didn’t know it was going to snow this much down here. I thought it was only going to snow in Denver, but, yeah, that was a shock. It came out of nowhere,” said Walker.

James couldn’t help but mention, “My face is cold.” However, he added, “I’m working for money!”

The first snowfall of the season, though unexpected, brought both surprise and delight to the residents of Security-Widefield. Whether they were building snowmen, sledding down hills, or simply shoveling their driveways, the community came together to embrace the winter wonderland that had suddenly descended upon their neighborhood.