(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Feb. 15 snowstorm dumped on Colorado Springs, making some areas extremely difficult to navigate. One community member offered free tows to anyone who got stuck in the extreme weather.

The day before the storm, everyone in the city was canceling plans ahead of the snow, but one community member was prepped to head out. In a Facebook post the night before the storm, Jacob Cameron offered a free tow to anyone who gets stuck in the snow.

“I saw my dad do this kind of stuff when I was younger… So I decided, why not give them a hand and help them get out of the snow,” said Cameron.

And sure enough, help was needed. One dad took his son to his friend’s house and got stuck in a roundabout.

“I couldn’t see how deep the snow was, and sure enough I made it about ten feet and then we got stuck. We tried to push and tried shoveling… Nothing,” said Rhett Gasaway, one of the people who got stuck.

A tow can cost hundreds of dollars, and sometimes hours to arrive, especially in inclement weather.

“I’m incredibly grateful that he stopped by,” said Gasaway, who said he would have been shoveling for hours if Cameron had not come.

While he made this job look easy, the weather was almost unbearable.

“Just being out here for like five minutes. I’m starting to feel my skin kind of numb,” said Gasaway.

Sitting in the car afterward, Cameron said his fingers had definitely lost feeling, but he said it was worth it, helping people in need.

“So just helping people out, and wasn’t looking for anything out of it other than just helping,” said Cameron.