Six CSPD officers injured while training at Fort Carson

Camp Red Devil training area

A Colorado Springs Police Officer will stay at a local hospital overnight after an explosion went off during a training at Fort Carson.

It happened near the Camp Red Devil training area Tuesday, while CSPD Riot teams were training by nearby Military units.

At some point, an explosive device went off and injured six CSPD officers.

“A simple simulator that is a cardboard simulator with a little bit of explosive charge inside of it, again to replicate the sights and sounds of combat without actually producing any shrapnel or anything that’s going to significantly injure a human being, that appears to be the type of device that detonated,” said Col. Brian Wortinger, the Fort Carson Garrison Commander.

Right now five of the officers have been treated and released. One officer is staying overnight as a precaution, as they are apparently having difficulty with one of their limbs.

According to CSPD there were no serious injuries and the cause of the accident remains under investigation.

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