Sgt. Pushup on a mission to spread awareness about childhood hunger


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Army veteran Patrick Parker is challenging Colorado Springs residents to spread awareness about child hunger and raise money in a unique way.

Parker is better known as Sgt. Pushup, and for a good reason. For him, pushups are more like a way of life rather than a workout.

“When you think about children, I just lock my mind in because it’s bigger than pushups,” Parker explained. It’s about our future and the children are our future.”

Parker travels the country and raises money by doing pushups and working to feed people in each community he drops in at. During his time in Colorado Springs Thursday, Parker did 1,000 pushups to help Onebody ENT / K-Land Community Cares get non-perishable food items for their upcoming free community Thanksgiving dinner.

You can drop off donations at 2551 Airport Rd in Colorado Springs Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“I’m asking people to match my pushups with donations, match my pushups with canned goods, whatever you can,” Sgt. Pushup said. “I’m just a one-man band, climbing the hill, trying to do good for children and communities all over the nation.”

Sgt. Pushup is also on a military mission for children across the country. For the past four years, he has raised money to feed 500,000 kids through partnering with different food agencies.

“It’s not about what I did in Iraq, it’s about what am I doing every day,” Sgt. Pushup told FOX21. “This is the greatest nation on earth. There is no reason 13 million children should go to bed every night hungry. Until my last dying breath, I need to service this nation until I cannot serve it anymore. If we can’t help our children, then who are we?”

Sgt. Pushup has also created two comic books he gives out to children that teach them about hunger, bullying, and germs. He hopes his message stays with kids even once he pushes along on his journey.

For those interested in helping Sgt. Pusgup’s mission, he is always looking for sponsors.

“There’s somebody out there who’s going to see what I’m doing and say I’m going to sponsor that soldier,” said Sgt. Pushup.

The story behind Sgt. Pushup’s mission started by chance. But now it’s grown into so much more.

“A homeless person asked me for something to eat, I gave him some money and the Chik-Fil-A manager saw me give that person money,” Sgt. Pushup said. “They said ‘I’ll tell you what, for every 10 pushups you do, I’ll give you a chicken sandwich to give away. I did 2,300 pushups in 3 hours.”

Sgt. Pushup’s next stop is Utah where he hopes to get every in-need child a meal. Not only can you follow his journey on social media, but you can also request or sponsor his educational comic books. Find and follow Sgt. Pushup on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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