Several hundred people in El Paso county still without power post-bomb cyclone


The after effects of Wednesday’s bomb cyclone blizzard are still being felt throughout El Paso County.

“The lights started to flicker around 11 in the morning, then at noon we lost power,” said Kelli Hawkins, who lives in Black Forest and went three days without power. “We thought it would be cool and fun for a couple of hours, then as the day progressed we realized it was more serious,”

During the peak of the storm, Colorado Springs Utilities reported 18,000 customers without power. Hawkins said by the second day they had to go to a hotel.

“The first 24 hours were a novelty, then the fun began to wear off and it was challenging,” Hawkins said. “We were scooping snow and putting it in the bathtub, letting it melt so we could flush the toilets. The fireplace has a battery backup so that was our saving grace.”

Mountain View Electric and Colorado Springs Utilities are still working to get customers back up and running. 

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