(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A sentencing hearing is set for Feb. 1 for Cole Sherod, the man accused of injuring a Colorado Springs Police officer in a head-on crash in July 2022, and the police protective association is urging prison time to prevent further danger to the public.

The Colorado Springs Police Protective Association (CSPPA) issued a press release on Jan. 5, which was posted on the CSPPA Fund’s Facebook page. In it, the CSPPA states that Sherod had a history of drug and traffic offenses dating back to 2014, and said he had violated every parole and probation condition imposed.

Sherod was also on parole for another felony at the time of the crash, had additional felony cases in process, and had already been serving two years in the Community Corrections (ComCor) program for a prior felony conviction, according to the CSPPA.

Officer Nicholas Hamaker was on-duty and driving a marked CSPD police cruiser on July 26, 2022 when he was hit head-on by Sherod near the intersection of Dublin Boulevard and Union Boulevard. Both Sherod and Officer Hamaker were sent to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Now, the CSPPA is urging the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office and the judge in this case to sentence Sherod to prison time, without participation in a further ComCor program:

The Executive Board of the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association, on behalf of Officer Hamaker, is requesting that Mr. Sherod be remanded to the Department of Corrections to serve his proposed 6-year prison term, and that the option of serving time in the El Paso County ComCor program be denied.

It took what will likely be a career-ending injury to Officer Hamaker to bring Mr. Sherod’s history to the forefront. It is incumbent upon the judicial system to do its part in ensuring this defendant does not injure another Colorado Springs citizen or cause loss of life.

Colorado Springs Police Protective Association