PUEBLO, Colo. — Senator Michael Bennet was in Pueblo on Monday to discuss the need to lower prescription drug costs.

Bennet was at the Pueblo Community Health Center East Side Clinic to talk about rising drug costs in the US last month. Last month, Bennet spoke at the Finance Committee’s hearing focused on lowering prescription drug costs and called on his colleagues to pass legislation to address this issue.

Senator Bennet introduced legislation earlier this year that would cap the out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $35 per month. A Pueblo woman attended the listening session on Monday who is disabled and on a fixed income, but said she makes just enough money that she is not able to qualify for more assistance.

“I had some unforeseen medical issues in October with congestive heart failure and these meds are like $47 co-pays. It’s ridiculous,” said Linda Oleary, a disabled Pueblo resident. “My rent is continuously going up and I’m all by myself. I have a desk full of denial letters and the application process is grueling and I’ve spent this whole month just trying to get help, and I’m going without certain meds that I can’t afford because the co-pays are so high.”

Senator Bennet addressed the issue on Monday, and the particular impacts this issue has on seniors, many of which are on a fixed income. “We’re the only country in the industrialized world where senior citizens have to spend their time, instead of being retired, living their lives, they have to spend their time trying to decide what medicines they’re actually going to get, what medicines they’re not going to get, they’ve got to cut pills in half. I mean it’s just so deeply unfair.”

Senator Bennet also also joined Coloradans in Pueblo on Monday to kick off a series of farm bill listening sessions. He will continue to hold the sessions throughout the year in anticipation of next year’s farm bill.