Security fire medic entered in nationwide competition for heroism


Fire medic Shonee Bullin gives it her all with every call while working for the Security Fire Department.

“I don’t think any job is a walk in the park,” Bullin said. “We have our good days and bad days just like anyone else.”

Bullin is set on always making a difference, especially last year, when responding to a call involving a young girl battling leukemia.

“Those calls that stick with us, that was one of them,” Bullin said.

After that call, she and her husband Sean spent all night making a blanket for the little girl.

But that was not enough. After that night and after her own child survived cancer, she partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to create Firefighter For a Day.”

“I can’t take away what she’s going through, but we can at least help a little bit,” Bullin said.

Her desire to help others inspired her husband Sean, a volunteer firefighter, to enter her in the Going Beyond the Call contest, a nationwide competition that honors the heroic actions of our men and women in red.

If Bullin wins, the department will win new station bay doors valued at $10,000.

“She spends a lot of time with the department on her time off organizing EMS training, helping the community, and then comes home to eight kids and myself,” Sean said.

It’s a tough job, but Bullin and her team love it.

“When I think of my job, I don’t think of it being a hero,” Bullin said. “I think about it doing a job that I love doing.”

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