Second cyclist attacked on Rock Island Trail


After a cyclist was seriously injured by a booby trap on the Rock Island Trail last week, another cyclist is coming forward saying he was also a victim of a cruel attack on the trail. 

“I have biked this trail for 12 years to and from work,” said Dave Bryan, who was attacked by a stranger while riding home. “I have over 40,000 commuter miles on this trail and I have never felt threatened.”

Bryan said on March 19, he was on his commute home when a man lunged into him, causing him to fall off his bike. Bryan said he was riding between 15 and 20 miles per hour when the man shoved him with his shoulder. 

“I got myself up,” Bryan said. “I was obviously stunned, but to see what would happen next, but he continued to scream at me and I had no idea what he was saying. Then he threw some stones at me which didn’t hit.”

This all happened on Rock Island Trail west of Academy Boulevard.

On March 28th, Nard Claar was riding his bike on the same trail east of Academy Boulevard when he hit a booby trap that caused severe injuries

“I’m happy to see there is more attention to my case as well with Nard’s because they very well could be connected,” Bryan said. 

Bryan said the attacker was a white man he believed to be in his 30s, around 6 feet 1 inch tall. He said he has seen this man on the trail before.

Bryan said he will continue to go on that commute despite the attack. 

“I thought, what would a motorcycle gang do?” Bryan said. “They would round up a group of those who have been hurt and make their presences known.”

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