(COLORADO SPRINGS) — As a result of discussions between School District 11 (D11) and the Colorado Springs Education Association, starting teacher salary at D11 will be raised to $50,000 a year.

In a communication to the district, the School Board President said negotiations resulted in a deal that accomplishes the goals of prioritizing investment into certified staff “through competitive compensation packages, high-quality professional development, and supportive work environments.”

The tentative deal, which will not be final until the ratification of the agreement, met three of the primary objectives set forth when discussions began, according to the Board President:

  • Raising early-career teacher salaries to one of the highest levels in the region 
  • Beating 2022’s 10.55% total compensation and benefits contribution to our teachers
  • Creating a system where collaborative contributions to the District’s success would be recognized

“Recognizing that our entry-level teachers face the most challenging economic conditions, the Board of Education is thrilled to offer a starting teacher salary of $50,000, representing a 20 percent pay bump from the previous starting teacher’s salary,” reads the communication from School Board President Dr. Parth Melpakam. “Alongside this historic salary increase, we are pleased to announce across-the-board raises for all teachers, with an average recurring and non-recurring net income increase of 16 percent.”

The district said the raises will not only serve to reward the hard work and dedication of its teachers, but also serve to attract and retain talented staff. According to the district, D11 will now offer some of the highest starting salaries among school districts in El Paso County for early-career educators.

The district said it expects ratification of the agreement to occur in late May or early June.