Safeway and Albertsons set to restrict store capacity, institute “one-way” aisles


DENVER — Safeway and Albertsons stores in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and New Mexico are taking a number of new steps to promote social distancing guidelines. 

Stores will limit the number of customers who can be inside the store at one time to roughly 30% of the stores’ capacity.  

Additionally, the stores will implement a one-way movement policy in the aisles, which will be marked to provide direction.  

Stores are also adding Wednesdays from 7am-9am to the dedicated shopping times for senior citizens and other immune-compromised shoppers.

The company has successfully sourced masks for all of its employees.    Enhancements in safety measures will be complete by the end of this week. The new procedures this week are in addition to the several steps to ensure the safety of the people who shop in and work in our stores:

o         Plexiglass: As an added precaution in our ongoing efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we installed Plexiglas partitions in our checkout lanes in all of our stores. The Plexiglas will serve as protective barrier between customers and cashiers and provide added reassurance and peace of mind.  We ask that customers be mindful in standing behind the partition during their transaction.

o         CDC Cleanliness Guidelines: We diligently follow all CDC guidelines for frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer use, and surface cleaning. 

 o         Running Clean Stores: We’ve taken enhanced measures to clean and disinfect all departments, restrooms and other high-touch points of the store throughout the day, as well as a deep cleanse at the end of each business day. Cart wipes and hand sanitizer stations continue to be available at key locations within the store for your convenience.

o         Adjusted Store Hours: Store have adjusted their hours to 7am – 8pm to give our teams the time they need to restock shelves, deep clean the store in its entirety, and get ready to serve the community. 

 o         Social Distancing: We have placed posters and decals on the floor around the store to remind our customers to practice social distancing and remain six feet – essentially two shopping carts – apart to avoid coming in contact with anyone who may have been infected by COVID-19 but not yet be exhibiting symptoms. We are constantly looking for solutions to help us improve this practice in our stores.  The ultimate goal is to prevent persons from being within six feet of each other for more than 10 minutes, per CDC guidelines. 

 o         Dedicated Shopping Windows: We have set aside dedicated shopping hours for senior citizens and other at-risk populations, such as pregnant women or those with compromised immune systems, who have been advised to avoid leaving home as much as possible.  The dedicated times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7am – 9am.  The addition of Wednesdays is effective 4/8/20.  We ask that all customers who are not categorized as “vulnerable” according to the above please respect these hours.  The success of the dedicated hours is dependent on the consideration and compassion of their community. 

 o         Enhanced Delivery and Drive-Up & Go Services: We’ve created “Contact Free” delivery procedures for our team and have changed our signature processes so that our delivery drivers can sign for our customers when delivering orders.  The same policies are in place for the stores’ “Drive Up & Go” services, which have tripled in service capacity, and increasing more each week.

o          Free Pharmacy Delivery: We are offering free same-day and next-day delivery of prescriptions to patients.

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