Russian Hackers targeting Americans


  You’ve heard about Russian hackers for more than a year.  Now,  they are being blamed for a this one effects your personal devices

The FBI is pleading with Americans to reboot their routers.  They’re asking anyone with a home or small business internet router to turn them on and back off again to temporarily stop the spread of malware linked to Russia. 

Rodney Gulllate owns Firma IT Solutions & Services, a cyber security company in Colorado Springs. 
“It’s affecting those routers that people bought and haven’t touched it since,” Gullate said.  

The malicous software, dubbed VPN filter, could be destructive.  “It’s targeting stealing passwords. It actually installs software on your access points and tries to steal passwords,” Gullate warned.  

Unplugging and rebooting routers should help lessen the impacts of the hack.

“That’s a temporary solution though. It will get rid of the virus for a while but its not enough,”  Gullate said.

For a permanent fix, users should unplug the router and plug it back in. That should be followed by a complete reset of the router.

To do that, use a pen or pencil to hold the reset button on the back of the router.

There’s no easy way to tell if the router has been compromised by hackers. Routers from Linksys, Mikrotik, and Netgear have been deemed most affected.

In addition to resetting the router, Gullate suggests changing passwords and also installing patches, or upgrades, that can be obtained through the router manufacturer’s website… 

Gullate says, “Just look up the information online.  It only  takes a few minutes and it will save you a world of hurt.”

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