COLORADO SPRINGS — A organization celebrating women’s voices hosts a month of events and films in the Colorado Springs area.

Starting in 1988 Rocky Mountain Women’s Film(RMWF) was created after Jere Martin and Donna Guthrie wanted to create a festival in Colorado Springs. 1988 was the first festival, screening 13 films, hosting four filmmakers, and having 300 attendees. Since then the festival has grown to have several venues and events throughout the year.

“It’s never been more important to listen to women’s voices than it is at this very moment,” said Linda
Broker, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival. “Nothing captures our
imaginations quite like film. Films transport us to another world and shine a light on the issues plaguing
ours. Quite simply, watching films makes us better people.”

This year in August they invite you to attend the following events in August:

August 9: Film Club

7 p.m.


RMWF Office at Lincoln Center(2727 N. Cascade, Suite 140)


August 13: Cinema in the Park

6:30 p.m.(Food trucks and music) 8:45 p.m.(Film starts)

“Summer of Soul”

Monument Valley Triangle Park


August 19: Drive-In Cinema

7:45 p.m. (Parking lot opens) 8:30 p.m.(Film starts)

“Dear Mr. Brody”

704 E. Colorado Ave


August 20: Film in the Community

2 p.m.

“Shouting Fire”

PPLD Sand Creek Library


August 27: Rascal Cinema

6 p.m. Pre Party Begins 8-9 p.m. Film program

A selection of family-friendly shorts

Lincoln Center, The lawn outside RMWF


September 1: Pop-up Cinema

7 p.m.

“The Janes”

Cornerstone Arts Center, Colorado College

Tickets: $12

The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival is November 11 – 13. More details about the August events along with the festival can be found online.