PUEBLO WEST, Colo.- An assisted living facility in Pueblo is celebrating a big win after placing second in a video contest.

Cappella of Pueblo West took part in the “We! Celebrate Gratitude” video contest held Christian Living Communities winning $500 for their upcoming holiday party.

The video shares the message of what they are thankful for and Cappella residents put their own spin on the video to Queen’s hit song “We Will Rock You”.

Chris Pogar, executive director of Cappella of Pueblo West, said the contest was their way of creating good buzz for the community and creating some fun for their residents.

“I like to make it a little extra fun with the residents rather than just a simple hey we are thankful for this, lets go a little extra step and make it a little more engaging,” Pogar said.

In the video, residents and staff dance, sing and clap to their own beat. Community resident Les Burns said it was great to see his neighbors show their true personalities and have fun.

“It was the best to do it. That was the best and to have everybody getting in…it’s always fun to see people and get them involved,” Burns said.

The video competed against 22 other retirement communities, and Cappella of Pueblo West’s video was shared on social media by many.

For the community, they wanted to do something fun to lift the spirits of residents and staff after a hard couple of years because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

“As we have been able to slowly open up more doors and open up more activities, and engagement for families, we’re seeing that kind of brightness coming back into their life,” Pogar said.

Pogar said it’s all about creating a community residents and staff love to be in.

“Seeing the residents and staff getting engaged and involved together was really helpful for them to build that sense of community, really bonding together and we see how much they really care for each other,” Pogar said.