Restaurant Report Card: Seven violations at one Colorado Springs pho restaurant


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a Colorado Springs pho restaurant with seven health code violations, and a pizza place with no violations in years. 

If you just wanna have ‘pho’, listen up. Pho Lu’u on Austin Bluffs Parkway near Barnes Road received six critical and one non-critical violation on their last health inspection on May 22, including:

  • Food being held at dangerous temperatures. 
  • Cross-contamination hazards like raw beef stored above ready-to-eat foods. 

The health inspector immediately corrected most of the issues on site. We reached out to the manager, but they never got back to us.

This is why Pho Lu’u fails our Restaurant Report Card. 

No matter how you slice it, Borriello Brothers on Eighth Street has a crust you can trust. 

Located right by the 7-Eleven at the intersection of Eighth Street and Highway 24, Borriello Brothers Real New York Pizza hasn’t had a violation since 2016. 

“You just start with training,” district manager Stephanie Frizzell said. “You’ve got to start with your staff and telling them why sanitizer buckets, or to wipe things down on a constant basis, to keep things clean and dates. It’s just training, really. You start with that and work your way down and then it all works itself out.”

This is why Borriello Brothers passes our Restaurant Report Card.  

Borriello Brothers has six locations across the Pikes Peak region. All of them have pretty good track records with the health department, but the Eighth Street location is the best. 

The five restaurants making our honor roll for food safety:

  1. Borriello Brothers — Eighth Street location
  2. Anjelica’s Mobile
  3. BJ’s Velvet Freez
  4. Bernie’s Place
  5. Mountain Pie Co. 

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