Restaurant Report Card: Out-of-character inspection for a Colorado Springs Japanese restaurant


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, an out-of-character inspection for a Colorado Springs Japanese restaurant. However, the owner invited FOX21 to bring a camera inside the kitchen to show everything checks out.

A May 16 health inspection at Jun Japanese Restaurant on Centennial Boulevard near West Fillmore Street revealed eight violations, including:

  • Severe accumulation of grease on food contact surfaces.
  • Staff touching raw sushi and ready-to-eat foods without changing gloves or washing hands.
  • Chicken cooked under temperature.

However, a follow-up inspection on May 28 shows zero violations.

“We dropped the ball for one time and that was my fault,” owner Jun Aizu said. “I’m not going to point at anybody. It’s my fault, so I’m going to keep it clean.”

Aizu has owned and operated the restaurant for 14 years.

“I’ve been working in the restaurant industry since I was a child, so my mother owned a restaurant for over 40 years,” Aizu said.

Aizu’s Dublin Boulevard location also touts 28 years of sushi success.

“I like the asparagus roll,” Aizu said. “It’s tempura asparagus, cucumber, and mayonnaise.”

Aizu tells FOX21 the marginal health inspection was out of the ordinary.

“Inspectors are great for me because they come, and they’re a second set of eyes that tell me what needs to be cleaned,” Aizu said.

He said after the inspection, Jun’s gave more training for new employees.

“We give them guidelines of the restaurant, the cleanness, everything, and if they cannot follow, then we have to let them go,” Aizu said. 

Plus, the staff did a major deep cleaning.

“I want people to have confidence that they’re eating at one of the cleanest restaurants,” Aizu said.

This is why Restaurant Report Card is giving Jun Japanese Restaurant on Centennial a second chance.

All of Jun’s past health inspections have been rated “excellent” or “good,” and Jun’s Dublin location has not had a violation in about a year. 

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