Restaurant Report Card: Out-of-character inspection for a Colorado Springs diner


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, an out-of-character health inspection for a Colorado Springs diner. However, the owner invited FOX21 to bring a camera inside the kitchen, to show there’s nothing to worry about. 

Located in a strip mall on Centennial Boulevard, just south of Garden of the Gods Road, an April 15 health inspection at Crazy Brother’s Diner revealed nine violations, including “droppings and dead roaches.”

“All of the violations for the most part have been taken care of completely,” owner Madison Colvin said.

FOX21 reached out to Colvin, who welcomed cameras in to see the restaurant.

Colvin said immediately after the inspection, they did a major deep cleaning.     

“One of the biggest ones, I’ve been using High Country Pest Control as a preventative for a year and some change now, so mostly everything has been taken care of,” Colvin said. 

Colvin told FOX21 he also had the exterminator come out, and did not find one sign of insects. 

Colvin opened Crazy Brother’s Diner a little over two years ago. Before that, it was Crazy Otto’s, where he spent almost three years in the kitchen. 

“I’ve been working in restaurants since I was 17, and I’ve just been at least decent at it, so it just kind of fell in my lap and I went with it,” Colvin said. 

You’ll still find him hustling in both the back and front of house.

“Every morning I pretty much open for the first two hours, sometimes three, and then you’ll see me in the kitchen either prepping, washing dishes, or cooking,” Colvin said. “I do it all.”

This is not a normal inspection for Crazy Brother’s Diner. The last two were good and excellent. 

This is why Restaurant Report Card is giving Crazy Brother’s Diner a second chance. 

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