Restaurant Report Card: Five violations for one Pueblo Subway restaurant


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, it’s a sandwich showdown in Pueblo: a chain restaurant with five violations, and a mom and pop sub shop with zero health code violations in years. 

Five dollar footlong? More like five dollar foot-wrong at Subway in the Pueblo Mall. 

Their last health inspection on April 18 revealed three critical and two non-critical violations, including:

  • Mold spotted on a floor drain under the soda syrup rack. 
  • An employee not washing their hands after handling money and putting on new gloves. 
  • Food being held at dangerous temperatures. 

The Pueblo Mall definitely did not allow cameras inside for this story. We reached out to Subway’s manager and haven’t heard back. 

This is why Subway in the Pueblo Mall fails our Restaurant Report Card. 

The health inspector immediately corrected the temperature issues and informed employees when and why they need to wash their hands.

If you really want to eat fresh, try S.S. Subs.  

Located in a shopping center on South Pueblo Boulevard near Red Creek Springs Road, S.S. Subs hasn’t had a violation since 2016. 

In the sandwich business for 26 years and the owner of this S.S. Subs location since 2001, Steve Cruz was born and raised in Pueblo. 

“There’s a lot of good people here in Pueblo,” Cruz said. 

The S.S. stands for soups and salads, and of course they’re touting more than 30 different submarine sandwiches, but Cruz said the secret to food safety success is a trustworthy team. 

“I have great employees,” Cruz said. “They do it all for me. I oversee everything all the time, my wife and I, and we just come in and we check on them and they know what to do. They’re good employees.”

This is why S.S. Subs passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

This is one of two S.S. Sub locations still in business. The other is in Security-Widefield. 

The five restaurants making our Restaurant Report Card Honor Roll:

1. S.S. Subs

2. Romero’s Catering

3. Taco Bell — North Elizabeth location

4. Yum Tum Licious — Pueblo West

5. La Favorita Tavern

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