Restaurant Report Card: Dead roaches spotted in one Pueblo restaurant


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, we’re talking Mexican food. Dead roaches spotted in one Pueblo restaurant, and another with no violations in years.

El Nopal in south-central Pueblo, this is “nacho” week.

Located on East Evans Avenue in the historic Bessemer area, let’s “taco-bout” El Nopal’s latest health inspection on April 3, revealing four critical violations, including:

  • Dead cockroaches building up in a back storage area. 
  • Mold growing on ham in a walk-in fridge. 

The moldy ham was tossed out during inspection, and they were told to immediately clean up the dead roaches in order to prevent attracting other pests. 

We’ve reached out to the owners of El Nopal three times and haven’t been able to to get ahold of them. 

This is why El Nopal fails our Restaurant Report Card. 

Let’s not “burrito-round” the bush here, the track record at Papa Jose’s Union Cafe will have you chippin’, dippin’ and margarita sippin’. 

Located in downtown Pueblo on South Union Avenue, just east of the Arkansas River, Papa Jose’s Union Cafe hasn’t had a violation in two years. 

Owner Michael Pacheco was born and raised in Pueblo. Coming up on 20 years in business, Papa Jose’s will “guac” your world. 

“We have a real good staff,” Pacheco said. “Like I say, Danny and Marcy have been with me for 20 years. Jimmy has been with me for 15 years. They know what the health department requirements are. They’re real good staff. They make a special effort to keep things clean, keep things neat.”

This is why Papa Jose’s Union Cafe passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

The five restaurants making our Restaurant Report Card Honor Roll:

1. Papa Jose’s Union Cafe

2. Carl’s Jr. – Santa Fe Avenue location

3. Deluxe Tavern

4. Espy’s Fix

5. Janessa’s Gourmet Potica Co.

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