UPDATE (May 3, 2019): After a February 25 inspection at Ai Sushi & Grill revealed eight violations, a follow-up inspection on March 6 shows zero violations and every issue is fixed. Ai Sushi & Grill invited FOX21 to bring a camera inside the kitchen to show everything has been corrected. See the update here

In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a Colorado Springs sushi restaurant with eight health code violations, and a breakfast joint with no critical violations in more than two years. 

A health inspection Monday at Ai Sushi & Grill in the First & Main Town Center off Powers Boulevard revealed eight violations, including:

  • Hands not being washed properly.
  • Cross-contamination hazards — raw chicken being stored above ready-to-eat foods. 

FOX21 reached out to the manager, but we have not heard back. 

This is why Ai Sushi & Grill on Cinema Point fails our Restaurant Report Card.  

But the food safety at Omelette Parlor on East Fillmore Street is ‘eggcellent.’ 

“It is hard work,” general manager Susan Whitlock said. “I have a great crew. It’s daily, it’s communication daily. It’s following through, making sure that people know what’s expected of them.”

But a spick-and-span health history does not come without challenges. 

“It’s super important, and it’s really, really hard in our building,” Whitlock said. “Our building is over 100 years old, so it’s even harder for us to keep up and maintain.”

Omelette Parlor has been in business for more than 30 years, and Whitlock has been there for 20 of them. 

“We have a great following,” Whitlock said. “We’re lucky. We have great customers. We’re just kind of a staple here in Colorado Springs. Everybody knows us, and we work really hard to keep up with our reputation.”

This is why Omelette Parlor passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

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