Restaurant Report Card: Cockroach and rodent droppings at Pueblo Burger Kings

Restaurant Report Card #26

In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a cockroach spotted at a Pueblo fast food chain, and a breakfast burrito spot with no violations in more than a year. 

A September 11 health inspection following a complaint at Burger King on Vinewood Lane near South High School revealed four critical and four non-critical violations, including:

  • A live cockroach under storage shelves holding pots and pans. 
  • Grease and food debris building up on fryers, burger patty storage, and chicken nugget holder. 

FOX21 reached out to the manager, but they did not want to comment. 

This is why Burger King on Vinewood Lane fails our Restaurant Report Card. 

The bad news for the “Home of the Whopper” in the land of the “Slopper” doesn’t stop there. 

Turns out something gross was found at another Pueblo Burger King location. 

A Thursday health inspection at the Burger King on Troy Avenue just north of Highway 50 revealed four critical and five non-critical violations, including:

  • A significant build-up of rodent droppings under the vegetable prep sink and dry storage area. 
  • Grime and food debris building up on the grill, fry station, and burger prep table. 
  • Employees not washing hands when required. 

FOX21 called and asked the manager what is being done to fix the issues, but she immediately hung up the phone. 

This is why Burger King on Troy Avenue also fails our Restaurant Report Card. 

The Troy Avenue Burger King has until October 1 to get a couple of repeat violations corrected. If they continue failing to do so, they could be fined between $250 and $500.

Kitchens and food safety make a “burrito-ful” couple, which is exactly what Burrito’s Betty is wrapping up. 

“Cleanliness is the number one thing,” owner Gino Lopez said. “Just make sure and clean up after yourself, disinfect everything and just be consistent. Consistency is key.”

Located at the corner of North Elizabeth and West 24th Streets, Burrito’s Betty hasn’t had a health code violation in more than a year. 

“Our pork and avocado is a popular burrito,” Lopez said. “Bean and chicharron, everybody loves those. Our breakfast deluxe, which is sausage and bacon, and the number two is probably the biggest breakfast seller, and that is a breakfast bacon.”

After 29 years, Betty Luna, the actual Burrito’s Betty, passed the business off to Lopez, her grandson, in 2016. 

“I started working here on and off when I was about 17,” Lopez said. 

Now, he’s carrying on the breakfast burrito legacy, but Lopez credits the success to more than just those flavorfully filled flour tortillas. 

“The loyal customers that we’ve had for so many years, and we’ve built a reputation and we’ve managed to keep that reputation, and we just have a lot of loyal customers, and there’s great people in Pueblo,” Lopez said.

This is why Burrito’s Betty passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

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