Restaurant Report Card: A repeat offender in Pueblo with 10 violations


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a repeat offender in Pueblo with 10 health code violations, and a place in Pueblo West known for their fried chicken with no critical violations in more than two and a half years. 

Located on North Main Street, just south of Mineral Palace Park, a health inspection at Chong’s Cafe on April 23 revealed 10 health code violations, including:

  • Food, grease, and grime building up on floors, walls, and equipment. 
  • Person in charge fails to demonstrate food safety knowledge. 
  • Food held at dangerous temperatures. 

FOX21 reached out asking to speak to the manager, but was unsuccessful. 

This is why Chong’s Cafe fails our Restaurant Report Card, again. 

In August 2018, Chong’s Cafe failed Restaurant Report Card due to an inspection revealing eleven violations. 

For food safety, shake a tail feather and get to Hen House Cafe. 

“When you open the business, you have a clean kitchen,” owner Robbin Belding said. “You keep the kitchen clean. You never let it get away from you. Everybody has their job position, and they’re responsible for their area.”

Hen House Cafe is located at Joe Martinez Boulevard and Palmer Lake Drive in Pueblo West.

“We’ve been in business 15 years and a few weeks,” Belding said. 

Fifteen years is something to crow about, because when you rule the roost, it can be a tough egg to crack. 

“Being a business owner, the restaurant business, it’s one of the hardest businesses there are,” Belding said. “It’s a 24/7 job.”

From burgers and breakfast items to finger-lickin’ fried chicken, Hen House Cafe offers good home-cooking.

“It takes a team effort,” Belding said. “Family and employees have to be a team.”

This is why Hen House Cafe passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

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