Restaurant Report Card: A Hawaiian barbecue restaurant with no violations in years


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, good news for southern Colorado. No restaurants were dirty enough to fail this week, but we still want to tell you about one spot that continues to go above and beyond for food safety. 

‘Tropic’ like it’s hot and head to L and L Hawaiian Barbecue. 

“It’s like an Asian and Hawaiian fusion, so there’s a lot of teriyaki, a lot of rice, Spam,” General Manager Melanie Corbett said.

It’s located in a shopping center on Barnes Road on the east side of Powers Boulevard. 

“Our most popular items are the Spam Musubis,” Corbett said. “Those are kind of like Spam sushi wrapped in nori and then our barbecue mix because it comes with the three barbecue items.”

L and L Hawaiian Barbecue hasn’t had a health code violation since early 2016. 

“We do a lot of constant training,” Corbett said. “We’re always watching what everyone is doing. A lot of our employees have very good self-awareness and when they see something is wrong they speak up and then we can get it taken care of.”

Corbett’s parents are the owners, and this family hustle has been going strong for 11 years. 

“It’s really good food. We put a lot of effort into our quality of food and our customers are very important to us and we work very hard,” Corbett said. 

This is why L and L Hawaiian Barbecue passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

Even if you dine in, everything is served in to-go boxes. Corbett said it’s a Hawaiian thing, originally started so folks could grab their food and take it to the beach. 

We also have an update on last week’s Restaurant Report Card. Xiang’s Kitchen failed November 8, but a follow-up inspection on November 13 shows everything has been cleaned up. 

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