Restaurant Report Card: A Colorado Springs diner with eight health code violations


UPDATE (August 24, 2018): A follow-up inspection at Big Train Family Restaurant on August 14 showed zero violations, and every issue was corrected. The owner invited FOX21’s Taylor Bishop to come in and see the improvements for herself. Tap here for the story

ORIGINAL STORY (August 9, 2018): 

In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, a Colorado Springs diner with eight health code violations, and a gourmet meat pie company with a really clean record. 

Food safety at Big Train Family Restaurant is going off the rails.

Located on Nevada Avenue just north of Fillmore Street, Big Train Family Restaurant’s most recent health inspection on August 3 revealed six critical and two non-critical violations, including:

  • Five instances of food being held at dangerous temperatures. 
  • An employee not washing hands when required. 
  • Two cross contamination hazards. 

This is why Big Train Family Restaurant fails our Restaurant Report Card. 

FOX21 reached out to the manager, who told us everything was immediately fixed and they’ve been doing some extra training with employees to get back on track. 

Say bye bye miss American pie and hello to New Zealand humble meat pie at Mountain Pie Co. 

“I grew up in New Zealand and also Australia and came here to Colorado Springs and found that there were no meat pies like I grew up eating and I really missed it, so after a few years I actually started thinking, maybe I could start making some meat pies,” owner Matthew Campbell said.

Campbell and his wife Tara opened Mountain Pie Co. four years ago. 

“We started to find that there was a trend with the Colorado market,” Campbell said. “Colorado has got a great beer scene, so we had to do a steak and ale. It’s our biggest selling pie.”

Located inside Ranch Foods Direct’s processing facility, Mountain Pie Co. runs and operates in one of Colorado Springs’ only USDA-inspected kitchens.  

“Here in the United States, if you want to wholesale a meat product, it’s got to be done under USDA inspection,” Campbell said.

They haven’t had a health code violation in years. 

“You’ve got to have a very specific facility and you’ve got to have a very specific way of making a product. Our recipes actually read like a defense in a court of law,” said Campbell. 

Normally they’re producing about 1,100 pies in one batch. 

“A good standard for a New Zealand, Australian, or a Commonwealth style meat pie is it’s got to be handheld,” Campbell said. “You eat it like a sandwich. Try to do that with a pot pie, it’s going to go all over your lap. Pot pie is kind of more like a casserole, I guess. The crust has got to be very buttery. It’s got to be firm enough to hold together, but it’s got to really melt in your mouth.”

This is why Mountain Pie Co. passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

Mountain Pie Co. offers catering and wholesale, and individual pies either hot and ready or take and bake are available at 11 locations between Denver and Pueblo. Tap here for a list

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