Restaurant Report Card: 10 violations for a Pueblo Village Inn location


In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, two Pueblo chain restaurants: one with 10 health code violations, and another with no violations in about two and a half years. 

Humble pie is on the menu for the Village Inn location on South Pueblo Boulevard near Northern Avenue.

A health inspection on Monday revealed 10 violations, including:

  • Raw meat stored with ready-to-eat foods–this was immediately corrected by the inspector. 
  • Several instances of food being held at dangerous temperatures, which had to be thrown out. 
  • Non-food contact surfaces not being cleaned often enough. 

This is why Village Inn on South Pueblo Boulevard fails our Restaurant Report Card. 

The associate manager told FOX21 he would let the owner know we reached out, and that Village Inn is diligently working with the health department to get the issues resolved. 

At another chain in town, they say “when you’re here you’re family,” and “olive” its health inspections in the last two years are proof. 

“Olive Garden has really set it up for success,” general manager Laura Shumac said. “It’s in our DNA.”

It’s located on North Elizabeth Street, just west of Interstate 25 and just south of Highway 50. 

“We exceed all federal regulations,” Shumac said. “We work closely with the health department. They’ve given us a lot of guidance, and I have a great team. I have to say the team is the one who has made all of this happen.”

Along with random inspections by the health department, Olive Garden’s corporate inspectors also pop in a couple of times a year. 

“We’re all about taking care of family and friends, and our guests are our family and friends,” Shumac said. “So are our team members. Everybody wants to go somewhere where they know they’re being taken care of and that they’re safe, and that’s what it’s all about.”

This is why Olive Garden in Pueblo passes our Restaurant Report Card. 

FOX21 chooses which restaurant fails Restaurant Report Card each week based on the most recent inspections and highest amount of health code violations across both Pueblo and El Paso counties.

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