Republicans running for office discuss their campaigns in Colorado Springs


Colorado politics took center stage as Republicans running for office gathered at The Airplane Restaurant on Tuesday to explain their campaigns.

One is former congressman Tom Tancredo, who is running for governor. He talked about his vision for Colorado. One is to fix the state’s roads, saying with the growing population, our roads need help to handle all the traffic. Tancredo launched his campaign because he was upset that the Cheyenne Mountain Resort canceled an event sponsored by VDARE, where Tancredo is a board member.

FOX21 asked him about this controversy.

“It is not a white supremacist group. Go on their website… they talk about who they are. They believe in stopping illegal immigration, they believe in preserving the culture, it’s got nothing to do with race,” Tancredo said.

He went on to say he wants to protect freedom of speech, whether it be speech you agree with or not.

Also in attendance were Mike Angley, who is running for Sheriff of El Paso County, and Vickie Tonkins, who is running for County Commissioner.

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