Note: Interviews with family of victims were from a previous FOX21 report in 2011.

Sunday marked the 28th anniversary of the deadly plane crash that killed all 25 in southern Colorado. 

United Airlines Flight 585 was traveling from Denver to Colorado Springs on March 3, 1991, when it crashed in Widefield, just four miles from the airport. 

Deputy Chief Randy Royal of the Colorado Springs Fire Department was a medical lieutenant at the time. To this day he still remembers driving to the crash and arriving on scene. 

“I remember going down Academy at the time, seeing the plume of smoke going up in the air,” said Deputy Chief Royal.  

Royal and his crew feared the worse but were ready to respond to a mass casuality situation. They had gear for more than a hundred patients in their vehicles. But, when they arrived on scene, they found that there were no survivors. 

In nine seconds, 25 people were killed, five of them crew members. 

“Any first responder police, fire, transport, anybody wants to help when you can’t help that’s pretty frustrating,” Royal said. “Pretty quickly it turned from fire scene to investigation scene.” 

Since 1991, first responders have learned a lot. 

“We have come a long way, our people health, taking care of our folks, were just like everyone else, we are trained to deal with these situations help us deal with really bad and ugly thing we see on a daily basis, we are still people,” Royal said.   

Royal said they started critical stress debriefing and now have a peer support team for first responders.

He adds that since that day, the southern Colorado community has shown support for them as well.   

Now, the crash site is marked by a humble memorial in Widefield Community Park near Fontaine Blvd. 

Initial investigations believed that wind was the reason for the crash, but after another similar crash happened that killed 132 Boeing came out with the fact that the rudder had malfunctioning. The technical problem caused the plane to flip and then crash, according to the according to an NTSB report