FOX21 News is celebrating remarkable women in southern Colorado who inspire, lead and make a difference in our lives. This month we’re sharing the stories of four women who were selected as our finalists for the Most Remarkable Woman in southern Colorado.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Angelica Marquez loves to welcome new faces to the community and get them set up for success.

“She took us in like family,” said April Jakovac, a now-friend of Marquez’s and a new mom in town.

For the last two years, Marquez has worked in District 49 as a Family Engagement Community Liaison for Evans Elementary.

“She made us feel so welcome and not only did she show the kids that school is okay and things are calm, but she got them in their activities right away and they never felt like they were out of place,” said Jakovac.

“Statistics say that when families are involved in their student’s learning that they will perform better and succeed better,” said Marquez.

And Marquez goes all in.

“She comes from the heart with all of it,” Jakovac said. “It’s not just a job to her.”

Marquez said it’s because she’s one of them. She has a 6-year-old daughter who goes to school at Evans, and they live in the same community as many of the other parents.

“We see each other during the summertime and we see each other on the weekends and so I’m one of them,” said Marquez. “I don’t see myself any higher than anybody else, but I think that’s what makes me relate to them the most is that I am walking in their shoes.”

During her time at Evans, Marquez initiated a partnership with Care & Share Food Bank to provide food to families, as well as holiday giveaways for those in need. And when coronavirus hit, she set up a technology drive to get kids equipment so learning could continue. She even delivered some of it herself to families that couldn’t make it to the school.

“It was really nice to be able to see their excitement when they opened the door in their own environment, in their own homes, so that was really awesome to do,” said Marquez.

“She not only does her job, what’s within her job duties, but she’s always willing to get creative and think outside the box and provide whatever assistance that she can or that she sees a need for,” said Marcia Case, Principal at Evans Elementary.

Those who are lucky enough to know Marquez know she is remarkable, but she says she’s just doing her job.

“Always be kind to anyone,” Marquez said. “Don’t ever judge people, because you never know their story, and everyone has a story.”

The top winner for FOX21’s Remarkable Women contest will be announced on Thursday, April 1st.