Red light cameras going live at four Colorado Springs intersections this spring


Red light cameras will be implemented at four Colorado Springs intersections this spring, the city announced Thursday. 

The red light camera program aims to protect people from injuries and crashes caused by red-light running, according to the city. The cameras will capture drivers from one approach at each intersection. 

Cameras at the following intersections will go live Tuesday: 

  • Eastbound Platte Avenue at Chelton Road
  • Westbound Briargate Boulevard at Lexington Boulevard

Cameras at the following intersections will go live on an unspecified date later this spring: 

  • Northbound Academy Boulevard at North Carefree Circle
  • Southbound Academy Boulevard at Dublin Boulevard

The city said there will be a 30-day warning period after each camera goes live. Drivers who are caught running red lights at the first two intersections between April 9 and May 8 will be issued a written warning by mail.

Any driver caught running a red light after the warning period will be issued a citation with a fine of $75. No points will be assessed against the driver’s license. 

The city said only drivers who enter the intersection after the light has turned red will be ticketed. Tickets are issued only after police confirm a violation has occurred.

The city said the camera may flash even when no one has actually run the red light. For example, the camera may be triggered if a car comes to a rapid stop and doesn’t actually enter the intersection. It may also be triggered if a car slows down, rather than stopping completely, before making a turn. 

The city said signs will be posted ahead of each intersection to alert drivers about the cameras. 

The city said a total of 10 cameras will eventually be installed throughout the city. The locations of the other six have not yet been determined. 

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