Ranchers brace for blizzard, protect babies


The blizzard is expected to hit the hardest out East, and many ranchers are worried about their livestock. 

Winds are expected to be as high as 75 miles per hour in parts. 

When you have dozens of animals to take care of, a Blizzard Warning is serious.  

Aaron Volosin is a cattleman, and right now its calving season, which is usually a good time, except in a blizzard. 

“We raise show cattle,” Volosin said.  “[Got to put them] in the barn, out of the wind, undercover.”

The babies are especially vulnerable to the cold.  

“It doesn’t take much to chill them,” he said. “I know a mama cow can handle quite a bit, but a baby cow that is a day old or going on 2 – 3 weeks old, it’ll get them.”  

Volosin sets out bails of hay against buildings and fences to act a barrier for the wind.  

“The wind is my biggest threat,” Volosin said. “They are not long for the world unless you can get them out of the wind and out of the elements.”

He’s doing his best to protect the 20 calves and even more adult cattle, because their lives and his business depend on it.  

“You do all you can to keep them safe and protected,” he said. “That’s all you can do.”

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