Rampart High School students helped save girl pinned underneath car


COLORADO SPRINGS— This past Valentine’s Day is a day Rampart High School won’t forget.

A student was run over by a van while sitting down in the school parking lot on Feb. 14 in Colorado Springs. The whole incident lasting only seconds.

“I saw the car and then backpack and hair underneath the car,” student Felix Delmolino said.

“I saw the girl get hit and told my friends but they didn’t believe me,” student Johnny Dunson said.

During those critical moments, a group of students and officers became heroes by lifting the van off the student.

“With her being underneath the vehicle I’ve never seen a situation like that,” Lead Security Officer Micahel Williamson said.

Another student resource officer (SRO) said he was less than two minutes away but it felt like an internity having so much weight on top of her.

“It was my most proud moment to see students come together and save the other student’s life,” SRO Officer David Isue said.

While the student was pinned underneath the car, fellow student Angela Martin tried keeping the student calm.

“I was reassuring her and as soon as I said it was going to be ok they pulled her out,” Martin said.

After being pinned underneath the car, the student was finally pulled out by SRO Officer Will Sunday.

“You never want to see that, for the driver or the victim,” Sunday said.

The student sustained minor injuries. Video of the incident won’t be released because the investigation is ongoing. In addition, no cell phone video was captured because students were busy helping other students.

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