COLORADO SPRINGS — Ahead of this weekend’s local Pride Festival, Colorado Springs residents and visitors can enjoy a jaunt across a rainbow.

The Pikes Peak Pride Committee installed a rainbow crosswalk at the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Tejon Street on Friday, ahead of this weekends Pikes Peak Pride event taking place in downtown Colorado Springs.

“Once, kinda the first like little strip was getting laid down,” Event Organizer Jessica Laney said. “That was, to me, that was kinda the symbol of like, pride weekend has started we’re like… officially doing this!”

Silver car driving over a crosswalk with rainbow colors

Thousands are expected to take part in Pride events this Saturday and Sunday.

Pikes Peak Pride is hosting the Flaunt your Pride two-day festival at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. The event will feature vendors and food trucks, along with “high energy entertainment,” according to the event’s website.

Sherlock’s Homes Foundation is the non-profit partner of Pikes Peak Pride. Extra funds raised from the event will be donated to help repair the foundations Colorado Springs home.

“It’s quite an honor that they’re helping us do this and bringing awareness to our cause,” said Jacob Jennings, Founder of Sherlock’s Homes Foundation. “It will help us save eight lives.”

Sunday is the event’s family day, which will feature booths and games for young members of the community, along with the Flaunt your Pride Parade, which will start at Platte Avenue and end on Vermijo Avenue via Tejon St. near Alamo Square Park.

“I’m just excited to see this wonderful community be able to come and celebrate and flaunt their pride,” said Jennifer Walters, the Volunteer Coordinator for Pikes Peak Pride.

Road closures will be in effect Friday through Sunday:

1 p.m. Friday – 9:30 p.m. Sunday

  • Vermijo Avenue between Nevada Avenue and Tejon Street

9 a.m. – noon Sunday

  • Tejon Street and all ancillary streets between Dale and Costilla Streets

Festivities start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and run through the weekend. There will also be corresponding celebrations at Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ+ bars and restaurants, including La Burla Bee, Club Q, and Icons.

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