The second grade class at Oak Creek Elementary School have been learning about calling 911, but one of their students already had some real-life experience that saved his mother. 

In August of 2018 7-year-old Bentley leaped into action after his mother started to have a medical issue while driving. 

“I just immediately asked her what is her password to get into her phone and called 911 after that,” said Bentley.

In released audio from the call, you can hear Bentley remain calm as he spoke to a dispatcher.

Dispatcher: “9-11 what is the exact location of the emergency? 
Bentley:  My mom is breathing super duper bad.

Brandie was the dispatcher on the other side of the call. 

“He did a really good job with the instructions and did a really good job,” said Brandie. Bentley was able to tell them that they were in Tinseltown and then used local landmarks, like the movie theater, to get first responders to his location. 

“He remained calm the whole time, I am surprised at how small he looks, he talked really loudly, he did a really good job there wasn’t any hesitation when I was asking him problems,” recalled Brandie. 

The emergency medical crews got there within five minutes thanks to Bentley’s description of the scene. Bentley’s mother was eventually okay. 

On Monday, Bentley was surprised with a special award. When asked how it feels to be a hero Bentley was quick with his response. 

“Pretty good!”