COLORADO SPRINGS — A Pueblo food truck gets creative with “bubble” waffles as a base for delicious ice cream treats!

Puff Puffette Pass

Cooper Watts, the owner of Puff Puffette Pass, wanted to stand out from the Pueblo food scene and decided to start his own food truck business. Adding his own flare and personality to the common ice cream treat, Watts continues to make puffles four years later.

Watts is the founder of the Food Truck Union, a collective of about 40 trucks in Pueblo with one in Colorado Springs. They work together to bring people to the parks in Pueblo. About 20 trucks can be found on Fridays at Mineral Palace and Sundays at City Park.

“It is a great way to get outside see your friends in a safe environment and enjoy an outdoor marketplace,” stated Watts

You can find Puff Puffette Pass on Instagram @PuffPuffettePass719 or check out Food Truck Union‘s website for information about other food trucks.