(PUEBLO, Colo.) — The City of Pueblo continues to face childcare shortages, but a new ballot measure approved by the City Council looks to provide accessible and affordable childcare programs for working families.

Pueblo City Council voted Monday night on Aug. 14, to approve the new ordinance that will appear on the November ballot. The proposed ordinance will ask voters to approve establishing an additional 1.5% lodger’s tax rate dedicated to providing childcare programs within the city.

Those living in Pueblo will not be paying for this tax. The tourists who choose to travel to Pueblo and use hotels and bed and breakfasts will. The additional lodger’s tax is anticipated to generate up to $625,000 dollars in 2024. However, not everyone agrees this is a solution to the childcare shortage.

“Health care is a very important issue at hand, and we do not want to make light of the very serious need here,” said Chris Kroger, the Pueblo Lodging Council representative. “However, we feel that better planning and a deeper understanding of what benefits and the impacts are need to happen first.”

Currently, the lodger’s tax is sitting at 4.3%, but if voters approve the new ordinance, it would raise that rate to 5.8%.