Fifth grade students from the Pueblo Arts and Science Institute ran their own town for day.

It’s part of the hands-on educational program called Young AmeriTowne on the Road.

Students were able to take a break from the regular classroom on Friday, Jan. 20 and step onto Pueblo Community College’s campus.

“Before they got here, they had lessons in the classroom, really understanding what our free enterprise system is and how they’re participating in it,” said Rich Martinez, President of the Young Americans Center for Financial Education.

The students were able use the lessons they learned from the nearly two-month Young AmeriTowne on the Road curriculum.

The students worked on business teams to run several shops in the town. Students even dressed the part, some as police officers who were handing out citations.

“We give ones for running and chewing gum,” said Ava, a student participating in the program.

The curriculum teaches them fundamentals in business, economics and free enterprise, with students using what they learned all year to run their town for a day.

This is the fourth consecutive year Young AmeriTowne on the Road has come to Pueblo. Their primary goal is to serve smaller classes and communities like those found in southern Colorado.

The educational program is run through the nonprofit Young Americans Center for Financial Education.