Pueblo man asking for his grandpa’s stolen truck back


A man in Pueblo is asking for the public’s help in finding his beloved 1996 Ford F-150, which was stolen off his driveway late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. 

“It’s the only thing in the entire world that I still have left of my grandpa, and some losers walked into my driveway and took it from me,” said AJ Siscoe, the owner of the truck. 

The truck is baby blue and has Missouri license plate number 5SY323. Siscoe inherited it from his grandpa when he passed away. 

“It doesn’t have much Blue Book value,” Siscoe said. “It’s worth about $1,000. But my grandpa passed away when I was sick with cancer, and he left it to me.”

Siscoe wasn’t able to attend his grandfather’s funeral because he was in the middle of chemo fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma. About three months after the funeral, he was finally able to go and pick up the truck. 

“Me and my mom dumped three to four grand into it to get it running,” Siscoe said. “I put all that money into that truck just so some loser, who can’t get a job and get off drugs, to steal it.”

He has filed a police report, but he is asking for anyone in Pueblo who may have seen it to let him know. You can reach him on Facebook or Instagram. Also, you’re encouraged to contact the police.  

“I have a lot of memories in that truck,” Siscoe said. “It really means a lot to me.”

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