PUEBLO, Colo. — Pueblo School District 60 say it is working to clarify guidelines given by the Colorado Department of Health after a CDPHE investigation showed the district violated a HIPAA Law.

According to a statement from CDPHE, “a member of District 60 staff failed to follow the terms of their Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) agreement and used CIIS in an unauthorized manner to obtain employee COVID-19 vaccination records.”

However, the department has not yet released its full investigation to FOX21 News.

A D60 spokesperson confirmed the district used the state vaccination database to verify vaccination status as it was providing “eligible vaccinated employees with a $1,000 stipend.”

According to that spokesperson, “At the time that the verification was done, D60 had access and followed the training that was provided by the state.  Since then, D60 has worked in collaboration with  CDPHE to improve, strengthen, and bring clarity to the process regarding access and use of the CIS [sic] system. As a result, D60 sent an email to all staff informing them of their ability to opt out of the system.”

D60 says it has communicated with staff their ability to opt out of the CIIS system, and is working with CDPHE to clarify the process of access and use of the system.