PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — Pueblo County corrected ballots for more than 200 voters this week after learning several ballots did not include the county commissioner’s race.

The Pueblo County Election Department was made aware of an error on the Colorado State Primary ballot and is working to fix the issue before ballots are mailed to the general public.

In a press release, Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder Gilbert Ortiz said that, as the election was being set up in the system, the county commissioner race was not included on every ballot, only on those that belonged to voters in Commissioner District 3.

This was a mistake, as every voter in Pueblo County is eligible to vote for the county commissioner race.

The only voters who have been mailed their ballots are UOCAVA voters, uniformed military, and overseas voters. Around 250 voters were sent the incorrect ballot. The press release stated that these voters are being issued replacement ballots and have been sent information about the issue and instructions about voting the replacement ballot.

By issuing these voters a replacement ballot, their original ballot has been voided in our system. If the voter chooses not to vote their replacement ballot, their original ballot will be counted.

The deadline for ballots to be mailed to voters for the June 28 Colorado State Primary Election is June 10. The corrected ballots will be mailed to Pueblo County voters by this deadline.

If you have any questions or to check your ballot status, call 719-583-6620.