Pueblo community discusses global warming in southern Colorado


Leaders and members of the Pueblo community gathered Saturday to talk about global warming and how it is affecting the Colorado climate. 

“If you look at last year, we had some of the worst wildfires on record,” said Emily Struzenberg, the climate organizer for Environment Colorado. “I think five of the top 20 in that one year. That’s because of hot and dry temperatures and conditions.”

The first part of the meeting discussed impacts of climate change on local residents’ public health, access to public lands, agricultural communities, and water access and quality. 

“Climate change is already impacting Pueblo, and there is potential for it impacting Pueblo more,” said Laura Getts, the Energy Coordinator for Pueblo County. “The more we understand, the more we can better prepare for our changes in the environment.”

Other things they discussed were mitigation tactics to combat climate change through electrifying transit, transitioning to renewable energy, implementing sustainable agricultural practices, and sustainable development. 

“We want community members from all over Colorado to be engaged in these issues, and Pueblo is a great place to start,” Struzenberg said. 

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