PUEBLO, Colo. — The City of Pueblo Parks and Recreation Department collected over 1,800 loads of tree branches throughout a drop-off service from May 24 to May 28.

The city said over 13,000 cubic yards of branches, trees, shrubs, and other green waste were dropped off at the site. City of Pueblo employees spent over 280 hours assisting with the cleanup.

City residents were offered this free drop-off location at Lake Minnequa Park due to a recent spring snowstorm in May.

“We were happy to see so many of our Pueblo residents take advantage of this service,” said Director of Pueblo Parks and Recreation Steven Meier. “We were able to take this green waste and use it for mulch which will assist our city parks and is a good use of the material.”

Compared to un-mulched areas, the benefits of mulching yard debris and tree branches include weed control, improving soil quality, reducing erosion, and saving water.

“Not only did this drop-off clean up our city, but it prevented all the yard debris from being thrown in the dump and going to waste,” said Meier.