COLORADO SPRINGS – The drama surrounding District 11 board member President Al Loma continues.

Today people gathered outside The Victory Outreach Church, where Al Loma attends, to protest his being on the D-11 school board.

“We have a lot of time and a lot of passion so here we are,” said protester Benji Dezaval.

“We plan to just stand out here and protest, have conversations with anyone who’s willing, because I am of the opinion that there’s a good chance a lot of people don’t know what’s going on. They don’t know that he said these horrible things,” said protest organizer, Christopher Wright.

Reverend Al Loma has become infamous for his controversial comments and social media posts. For example, some posts on his personal Facebook suggested that microchip implantation is a risk for those who receive the COVID-19 vaccine. After a contentious school board meeting, he also faced backlash after he threatened to “gangster slap” a parent. Loma later apologized.

Benji Dezaval marches up Academy with a sign that reads: ‘If God is Love… Wil you Follow Lomas’ Hate?’ Credit: Joe Swanson

In an email, Christopher Wright, the protest organizer, directly requested Lomas’ resignation after he spread “Dangerous disinformation” and was “Publicly and proudly racist.” Wright also describes Loma as “A danger to our children and community.”

On Sunday, they had five community members outside Loma’s church.

“We’re here for every single student who saw any of those posts and wondered if they’re going to be safe the next day at school. So rain or shine we’re going to be here,” Benji Dezaval said.

One protester who came out was a student who attends a D-11 school who’s also part of the LGBTQ community. He said that Loma’s social media posts and comments have been damaging to him and his peers.

Group of five protesters began chanting sayings to get Al Loma’s attention. Credit: Joe Swanson

“When you’re an elected official, especially for a school board, one of your biggest goals should be helping… focusing on what the students want, even if it goes against what you want,” said Alyas Dezeval, D-11 student.

Many who were there had no connection to the school, only that they said they wanted to make sure future generations were taken care of.

“The things that we leave behind and the things that we sow… this is for them. So people like Al Loma is actively ripping those up,” Benji Dezaval said.

Wright plans to protest outside Loma’s church every Sunday and Wednesday until Loma resigns or a recall has been finalized.

FOX21 reached out to Al Loma for comment and he denied their request.